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Welcome 2013! by emeraldeye14

Beautiful piece.You know,this is what I'm looking for in my beautiful masterpeices journal. This is what I mean by masterpiece. What I mean is this picture is absolutely posolutely beautiful. Thats why I rated it 5 stars on each subject. Yf anybody knows art,it's most certainly you my friend. I honestly love this picture! Don't listen to people if they say rude things. They just don't know art when they take a first glance at it. You know far more than they do about art. I'm Aislinntheanimelover. I love this so very much. You have a lot of talent. I know you didn't paint this. I still love it,photo or not.
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It's not perfect, the shutter speed wasn't long enough and it's off-centre, but thanks for your kind words regardless <3
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